Tape Measure

Motorcycle Helmet Size Guide

Essential tips to the perfect fit

It may look really tasty but if your new helmet doesn't fit properly it won't be able to protect you. If it's too large, your head will rattle around like a pea in a pod and as you accelerate, it will try to lift off your head. If it's too small you'll be in agony: so it has to be right.

How do you measure up?

After deciding which type of helmet you want and whether it does what you want it to, order the right size by using a tape and measuring around your head above the ears, across the forehead, and over the natural bump at the back. You should end up with a measurement between 50-64cm. When checking the sizes your preferred helmet comes in, err on the side of small as the lining of a new helmet will give slightly over time, so you need it to be snug, without being uncomfortable. Make sure you have it in the position you ride in, so for a touring bike the chin bar will be lower than on a sportsbike.

Trying it on for size

Once you've got your new helmet, try it on and move it around to make sure the crown feels the right size. Do your ears sit nicely? Does it feel hard anywhere? Keep it on for a few minutes and push against the forehead area as that's where you are most likely to feel uncomfortable. Do the strap up so you know you're happy with that type of fixing and if that feels ok, try to get a couple of fingers between the top of the cheek pads and your cheeks. If you can then you may need a smaller size, though you can buy larger cheek pads for some helmets.

Getting it right

Even if you have ordered the correct size for you, helmets all vary slightly in shape. If you're not happy about the fit you may be better off trying a different model or even a different make. Don't forget, we offer a 365 day returns policy, so take your time and make sure it's the right helmet for you, before removing the visor strip and taking it out for a ride.