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Rev'it Descent H2O boots review

These boots look like they're made for walking, but how do they hold up for riding?
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As a practical and active person, the idea of being able to ride somewhere and have boots that look good and feel comfortable enough to walk around town in, as well as meet the protective requirements for riding my bike, is a big plus. 

The Rev’it Descent H2O boots are lightweight and comfortable, which means they don’t feel lumps of concrete on my feet. With the included OrthoLite insole, they help support the arches of my feet too. The sole itself feels thick and solid, but offers the flexibility I need to walk comfortably.

Support under my feet is backed up by good height around the ankle, yet I don’t feel like I am wearing something very tall, which is important. 

These work well for a work day too as I’m comfortable walking around in these all day at the office, which means one less thing to bring with me to change into!

The wall of the boot is nicely padded, which adds to the comfort and helps keep my feet warm on cooler days. 

Ankles are reinforced with a protective cup within the material, which sits nicely at the right height for my ankle bone. So there are no lumps or bumps digging in on an unforgiving area of my foot.

The Rev’it Descent H2O boots live up to the last part of the name as they are fully waterproof. They incorporate a Rev’it Hydratex liner, which has to allowed my feet to breathe, and also stay dry on some soggy rides home from work.

There is a large pull loop on the back of the heel and a slight dip in the rim at the back, which makes pulling these boots on easy. The stitching around this loop is secure, which is important for something that will get tugged on quite heavily day-to-day.

The securing laces are a good length, which allows me to double-knot them, and then tuck the loose ends under a large velcro strap fastener to save worrying about them coming loose while riding, or tripping over them when wandering about.

Whether walking around the office or down the street, the grippy sole with good tread is very sure-footed, even in wet conditions.

To me the fit seems accurate. I am usually around the size 7-71/2 mark so I tried the size 41. They were spot-on, with enough room to wear thicker socks on cooler days.

In the box, I got an extra pair of laces in a different colour for some customisation, which is a nice touch. I changed mine to match the red colour of the loop on the heel, which also ties in with my bike’s paintscheme.

I have worn these for over 1000 miles with a variety of CE-approved trousers including textiles, denims and leggings, and I think they look great with all of them. 

I left these boots at home when I went on a big tour of Scotland, though, as the trousers I wore would not have reached far enough to stop water getting into the top of the boots. 

They took a bit of wearing in when I first got them, to ease the flexibility around the ankle, but now that’s done I don't want to wear any of my other boots. I REALLY love these boots. 

They are comfortable, stylish and are practical off the bike too. All the things I think make for a good casual riding boot.

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Rev'it Descent H2O Boots

5 (3)

Price from: £199.99