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Oxford Hot Hands

Removable heated hand warmers

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Verified Customer Reviews for Oxford Hot Hands

26 reviews
Worth every penny
02 February 2023 by Andrew S
Best thing I've used for keeping your hands warm.... Worth every penny. I agree with previous reviews that they do get quite warm so put switch somewhere you can easily switch it off. Highly recommended for the chilly winter mornings.
Oxford Quality
10 January 2023 by David H
Easy to fit very warm
On off switch with an led.
Be aware it makes the grips larger in circumference, so would not be ideal if you have small hands.
Tested yesterday and hands were toasty
Warm hands
22 March 2022 by Gary W
I bought these to fit on the pillion hand rails for my wife, they have enough heat too keep her hands warm so I'm happy. Easy to fit. And seem decent quality.
Oxford Hot Hands, the easy way to keep your hands
21 March 2022 by Paul H
These are really easy to fit without all the hassle of removing and refitting rubber grips and can be removed without disturbing the wiring in summer. They have been on my winter bike and my hands have been warm whenever I have ridden the bike
Awesome bit of kit
04 January 2022 by Andrew R
Very very good. get really hot really quickly. my mrs on the back is now very very pleased and warm.
Pillion fitment
03 May 2021 by Anonymous
Put these on the pillion grab handles to keep my wife happy as she always suffers with cold hands. They work great , only downside is there is no heat control just on or off. She is very happy with them and they do get quite hot.
Much quieter ride now.
12 April 2021 by Karl M
I bought these to fit to the pillion grab rail as I got myself some hot grips (fab) and felt it was only fair that "her on't back" got something too.
They are a bit bulky (don't think I'd entertain using them on my bars) but they fit O.K. Routed the wires tidy and was about to mount the switch when I thought I'd better give it a try to see if it was gonna work O.K where I was mounting it. The switch has 3 positions marked Hot - Off - Warm, but the switch would not stay in the centre (Off) position which seemed a bit useless and potentially battery-draining.
I contacted Oxford about this to ask if it was a fault. They got back to me quickly and told me the switch was now a two way (On - Off) affair, but they had not updated the switch body so it still read like a 3-Way.
Spent another 40 mins re-fitting and sure enough no problem. Not sure about the longevity of the sticky-pad mounting system, I think the old design was a screw together bracket, but the missus says they work great and less noise from her on the intercom now so thumbs up!
Hot hands , good value
18 January 2021 by Anonymous
Didn't want to change the grips on my Street Twin so tried these .
Fitting was very straightforward and the generous cable stowed away easily .u
The on/off switch unit is neat ,although the switch itself is a little small .
The grips heat up very quickly and , although a little bulky , are still comfortable .
Hot Scooter Hands
28 December 2020 by Martin F
Purchased these for my twist and go. Also purchased a mirror bar from a well known river company in order to install the switch. Very hot and they warm up in a mile or two, quick enough to keep me warm. The wires are long but better to be too long than too short. Easy to install.

Oxford Hot Hands OK So Far
19 December 2020 by Bo D
Really pleased so far but worried about some of the negative comments others have left. Grips get really hot quickly but are a bit bulky but should get used to them. Great they can be removed for summer use. Easy to install but cable ties were brittle and all snapped. Good value for something which will help with my long daily commute to work.
Oxford hot hands - amazing value for money
12 January 2020 by Dimitrios C
I ride year around and my hands are always cold. Oxford hot hands, provided a quick, easy and reliant solution. Easy to install clear and simple instructions, helped me install these in less than 15 minutes. Quite warm after riding for a few minutes. Great solution, if you don't want to install new handles and value for money. I definitely recommend these.
Useless and uncomfortable
10 December 2019 by Fabrizio V
I don't recommend buying this product. It makes your grips bigger and clumsy to handle. And even if you don't mind how they feel, it gets so hot that it's impossible to keep your hand on it and you end up to switch it off completely.
Garbage, alas
06 December 2019 by Anonymous
Two problems with this product: one serious, one less serious. The less serious one is that the stitching is not great in places. The serious one is that the power button design is TERRIBLE; you flick it between low and high heat, and the off switch is just in-between them. There's no reassuring 'click' for off - you just have to find a sweet spot and hope it doesn't click back towards high or low heat. I'm not going to be surprised if I return to my bike and find the battery is completely drained. What a disappointment - avoid.
15 November 2019 by Daniel B
I bought these not for my handlebars (already have Oxford Touring Heated Grips fitted) but for grab handles on my Z1000SX Tourer. The Mrs was getting cold hands and was very jealous of me being toasty warm. They fit the grab handles perfectly and can be removed when not needed.
Never hand heated grips before
09 October 2018 by Adam S
Decided to buy these as a cheaper/temporary option to heated grips when I went on a long trip to Holland.

Fitting is straightforward, just remember to tuck/cable tie away extra cable as there is a lot of length supplied.

They are very warm at speed and boiling at slower ones, so should keep your hands nice and toasty!

Also, remember they are wired straight to the battery, so you will have to switch them off when you stop (there is a power light).
Pillion Grips
02 July 2018 by Richard F
Been struggling to work out how to make the grab rails on my Explorer heated.

Although not their intended purpose these are the perfect solution. They wrap around the grab rails securely and give off loads of heat. Very easy to install.

Would be nice if the heat setting could be adjusted but a small gripe.
Quick and easy
28 March 2018 by Chris
Good product and easy to fit. Delivered quickly with no hassle!
Worth the money
06 November 2017 by Anonymous
Easy to install (I'm a biff with such things and it was easy even for me). A bit too much wire from the grips but better than not enough. Not too bulky when fitted and heat up very quickly. Single switch on handlebars not too unsightly. Can be moved easily from bike to bike. All in all well worth the money.

Oxford Hot Hands

  • Easy-to-fit in winter
  • Easy-to-remove in summer
  • Make frozen hands a thing of the past
  • All necessary fittings are included
  • A switch is included with LED warning light
  • Very low battery drain
  • 2 year guarantee

Easy-to-fit in winter and easy-to-remove in summer, the Oxford Hot Hands make frozen hands a thing of the past. With all necessary fittings are included in this easy-to-fit package. A switch is included with LED warning light, and they can also be used for grab rails. Very low battery drain.



Oxford was established in 1973 and has grown into a leading global supplier of motorcycle products. Its vast range encompasses everything to improve life on two wheels: from clothing and helmets to accessories, hard parts, locks, luggage and much more. Products are designed in-house by a team of active enthusiasts and skilled technicians, based at the company's purpose-built headquarters in Oxfordshire. With the support of the latest CAD technology, a 3D printing suite and a fully equipped test laboratory, Oxford invents, develops and refines its products in pursuit of the best experience for two-wheel enthusiasts. Oxford employs over 150 staff and has ambitious plans for further growth in both the UK and globally.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • What diameter of grips will they fit over ?

    December 3, 2017

    Unfortunately the supplier is unable to give bike specific details due to this product being a universal fitment.

  • Are these waterproof ?

    March 2, 2012

    The Oxford Hot Hands are indeed waterproof. In fact Oxford fit them to jet skis such is their confidence!

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