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Bruhl MD1400 Single Turbine Dryer

A single turbine powered vehicle dryer without a heating system

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Verified Customer Reviews for Bruhl MD1400 Single Turbine Dryer

20 reviews
Surprisingly Good
19 October 2023 by Michael S
A birthday present to myself. Thought it might be a little extravagant. Turns out to be an extremely useful bit of kit - well recommended.
Works Well
27 March 2023 by Dave T
Works well enough for the base model and is certainly powerful enough. The only gripe I have is that the attachments are a pain to put on and take off. I think I'll just pick which one I use most and leave it on. All in all I'm pretty satisfied with it.
Good blow dry
03 March 2023 by J. W
Does a lovely job of drying off the bike after a wash, gets in all the tricky to dry places - is pretty noisy, only about as loud as a hoover.
Does the job
08 February 2023 by Nathan D
Currently the base model (one with a warm air setting above this, and then one with a dual turbine as their top model) in the range this performs well. No bells and whistles for a decent price. Some would say an overpriced dog drier, but the output speed/force of the air is impressive.

Simply plug this in, put the switch to on and blast the water droplets away. No warm air setting on this model, and only one turbine (that's plenty powerful enough).

Comes with three attachments, but they are hard to attach and poorly designed. I'd attach one and leave it on to save time (doesn't come loose, just a pain to get on).

Hose is a good length. Air strength is powerful.

No real direction to the air, just seems to blow water from one place to another. Handy to get water out of the crevices unreachable by hand and switchgears etc.

Very handy for winter when it comes to cleaning the bike after a salty ride or for cleaning parts off the bike.

I'd rather have one than not, very useful bit of kit. I wouldn't pay any more for a the one with warm air or the more powerful one though to be honest.. don't see the point in them.
Blown away
04 February 2023 by C.W
This is an impressive piece of kit and is well made, it makes easy work of clearing unwanted water from all of the places on the bike that you cannot normally reach, supplied with good cable and hose length without it getting in your way
Good tool for a good blow
12 January 2023 by Vitor F
Great little tool to blow all the water away from the cracks you can't get too. Only for the bike ;-)
I'm blown away
09 June 2022 by Felix T
Really nice bit of kit, I had no idea there was so much water hiding in little nooks on my bike.
The sounds of the air stream hitting the bike can make some very loud noises so I wear hearing protection whilst blow drying my bike
Just the job
02 March 2022 by Neil P
An excellent cold air drier for my motorbike and panniers. It does exactly what it should. Plenty of air flow and pressure to force the water from my bike and leave it dry and smear free. May take a little longer to dry than larger and more powerful driers but would highly recommend this compact and competent unit.
Love it
14 February 2022 by Phil M
Using this is the reason I ride in winter. For me there is motorcycling before and motorcycling after Bruhl.
Great kit - why wait to buy ?
09 February 2022 by RG
I've been mulling over a drier for some time. The Bruhl with its great reviews is one of those purchases "why didn't I buy sooner" !!??

It literally takes a couple of minutes to run around the bike, no streaks , no crawling around the ground drying the bike with a cloth, it would save ppl with ailments a lot of effort to re drying / cleaning their bikes too.

Delivery to door Ireland was all in price , no Brexit issues, no customs hassle etc.

The drier itself is really great quality, passed my expectations. Great power from it. You could find other uses around home / garden for it.

A well made product and worth every penny.
Really does the job.
10 May 2021 by Richard E
Glad I bought one. Saves all the water marks and ultimately stops any surface corrosion.
Bike dryer
10 May 2021 by Anonymous
Works a treat, gets water out of everything
Perfect for those tight spots!
05 May 2021 by Tom S
Does exactly what it says it does. Very powerful for a single turbine at a great price. Was going to get the next one up but stuck with this one and very happy. Would advise to wear earplugs or headphones as it is loud.
A hair dryer for the bike
27 January 2021 by Alexander D
Never thought I needed one or would buy one - but does exactly what it says, Perhaps stop the brakes from sticking as the sintered pads rust to the discs. Get's the water out of everywhere
Solid well built dryer
20 January 2021 by Keith S
Was pleasantly surprised by the quality and how solidly built it is. It is very efficient at what it is designed to do, relatively light (which was a surprise). I had originally wanted the MD1900 with heating, but this model doese the job brilliantly and at a much lower price.
Bruhl md1400 motorbike dryer
12 January 2021 by Anonymous
Ii haven't used yet as bike indoors due to ice and snow conditions in sunny Sunderland nut know from feedback from yourselves and you tube this is the tool i need to keep my bike clean and healthy from water/rust issues.
Ps it also dries my beard perfectly haha.
Thanks for excellent service.
Great 1400 watt model.
14 August 2020 by Nicholas P
Most of these dryers are typically 2800 watt units. This one consumes half that at 1400 watts, which is better for my solar derived power at my bike shed. No doubt a 2800 watt unit will dry faster, obviously, but I find this 1400 model adequate. Appears to be well made. Happy with the purchase.
Good quality piece of kit and very useful
16 May 2020 by Gareth T
This dryer is a bit more money than some the similar products available on sites like Amazon, but the quality and robustness easily justifies the cost. It's a very well made, solid piece of kit, which makes drying off a bike really easy and saves loads of time. My Street Scrambler is a beautiful bike but full of awkward nooks and crannies where water gets trapped after washing. This is brilliant at removing the hidden moisture as well as leaving a smooth dry finish to paint work. It's got a decent length cable and a long hose and is powerful enough not to need the more powerful model. It's a bit noisy but not so much that is too intrusive. Over all an excellent product.

Bruhl MD1400 Single Turbine Dryer

  • Single Turbine, with no assisted heat
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50HZ
  • Protective RCD - for external use
  • Rugged industrial design
  • Extra-long Hi-Vis power lead
  • Turbine Power 1400W
  • Hose Length up to 3 Metres

Using the Bruhl MD1400 after every wash will help to eliminate water spotting and corrosion on your vehicle, increasing the life cycle of your bike.

It is the essential tool to have in your garage to take care of your vehicle and keep it in perfect condition for years avoiding the appearance of any corrosion. After a heavy rain or after a wash, your vehicle must be stored dry otherwise the rust does not take long to appear on the screws and metal parts. In addition, air drying prevents the appearance of water residues in the form of small white spots.

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