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Bruhl MD1900+ Single Turbine Dryer

A single turbine powered vehicle dryer with heating system

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Verified Customer Reviews for Bruhl MD1900+ Single Turbine Dryer

117 reviews
Car drying
26 September 2023 by Anonymous
After reviewing many car dryers. This popped up on a search. I did a comparison review against top car dryers. Messaged Bruhl to get exact power. These were easily as good. Having used it I csn confirm it does exactly what I want. Drying the grills doors jams wheels etc. It would dry the full car but that's not what I need. Overall its a 10 out of 10.
A product you didn't realise you needed until you
18 September 2023 by Chris S
I saw in MCN that Sportsbikeshop had a deal on these, so I bought one. Well built, solid unit & it is very powerful. The time spent trying to dry a bike with bits of kitchen towel & blowing in recesses is now a thing of the past. I used this for the first time yesterday after washing my Ninja 1000 SX. It dried the bike very quickly & I am delighted with it! I would recommend using earplugs if using it in the garage as the air blowing into small crevices is loud!
Blown Away
13 September 2023 by Matt J
Phenomenal bit of kit ! Gets the bike bone dry quickly, gets into the all hard to reach areas superb quality ..super powerful. Long hose and accessories mean getting into hard to reaches areas are a breeze (very strong breeze) Highly recommend
Love this
31 August 2023 by Paul B
Was happy using a chamois leather to dry the bike ..until I came across this little gem absolutely awesome bit of kit washed the bike plugged this in and got the job done perfectly attachments for all those little hard to reach areas get the bike dry in no time
Bruhl MD1900 Dryer, time saver
21 August 2023 by John N
I've had motorcycles a long time, cleaning and drying the bike always took some time, until I bought the bruhl MD1900 bike dryer, its the best thing ever, I've bought. Can dry my bike in no time and the quality of this product, is second to none. It's compact, powerful, it's just an amazing piece of kit. I would definitely recommend investing in one to every biker.
Was sceptical but not now
16 August 2023 by Chris W
I was sceptical of buying a dryer but took the plunge on this one having researched various makes and models. The kit itself is well made and high quality. Using it is great fun and it certainly does what it's designed for. I have a trail bike and a road bike and it works well on both. Converted.
Useful tool
09 August 2023 by Steve K
Very useful but does take longer than expected to dry off my Kawasaki Versys 1000 due to it being impossible not to blow water back on bits that you've already dried. On simple naked bikes you can have the whole thing done in under 5 minutes. Very useful though for both & I don't have to leave the bike in the garden for hours to dry off before putting it away.
What did I do without this?
19 July 2023 by Douglas B
Didn't think I needed one until I tried one. What a piece of kit. Dries my bike in no time. It's well made, very powerful, robust and has a real feel of quality. Fits together easily, with three attachments to get into every nook and cranny.
Motorbike Air Dryer
07 June 2023 by Michael K
This excellent piece of equipment ensures that my motorbike is dry; especially in all the 'hard to get at' places that hitherto would have remained wet and fester. It is able to focus on all the crooks and crannies on a motorcycle.
It works!
30 May 2023 by Roxanna B
Great item - sturdily built and easy to use. I've only had to use it once so far but it dried my bike really quickly, not leaving behind any water marks. Worth spending a little bit more for this, in my opinion.
Motorcycle quick and easy drier
26 May 2023 by Steve B
Such a good bit of kit.
Saves alot of time polishing away water marks, especially on alloy and chrome.
All the nooks and craneys like Allen key bolts won't corrode because all the lying water is dispursed. Excellent.
Very well made
20 February 2023 by Kris
This product is solid. Really well constructed. I'd considered going for a cheaper Amazon version for pets but glad I spent the extra on this now.

Very good product. Makes you realise how much water gets left on your bike after washing
Time saver.
16 February 2023 by Anthony S
Great bit of kit. Blows the air out of those hard to reach places and dries the rest nicely.
Does a great job in a fraction of the time.
Would definitely recommend.
09 February 2023 by David W
Excellent price and product. Fast delivery
I wish l had bought one years ago
06 February 2023 by Chris D
A quality British made heated air blower.
Does what it says - l can now wash the bikes and see the water coming off the bike in small droplets from all the nooks and crannies.
The bike dries quicker ready for polishing. 5 star product.
Motorcycle blower / cleaner
04 February 2023 by Harry A
Really well made product and the performance blows me away excuse the pun you have to hold on to the hose end as the power is very good indeed.You can use it with or without heat so very economical to get most fo the water of my motorcycle in blow mode only then finish off with it in heat mode for o a short duration. Good price would recommend to any one with a motorcycle.
Great add on
04 February 2023 by Daniel G
It makes washing your bike way more joyful and easy. Amazing quality and really sturdy.
You Need This
24 January 2023 by Julieann P
First let's get the usual excellent service from Sportsbikeshop confirmed. The Bruhl dryer: wasn't sure but winter rides always leave me feeling a bit guilty if I don't clean off the road salt and other muck then the bike sits in the garage damp no matter how much shammying. Or ride it again and get it more dirty. So I bought this. You should know it's extremely powerful, and literally blows the residual water out of switches, nooks and crannies like a water pistol. The heater in this I would say is well worth the extra 20 quid over the standard version. If you're considering this then I suggest you go for it.

Press Reviews for Bruhl MD1900+ Single Turbine Dryer


Bruhl MD1900+ Single Turbine Dryer

  • Single Turbine, with assisted heat
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50HZ
  • Protective RCD - for external use
  • Rugged industrial design
  • Extra-long Hi-Vis power lead
  • Turbine Power 1600W
  • Hose Length up to 3.5 Metres
  • Heat Function 500W (total power of 2100W when operating with assisted heat)

The turbine has an additional heating system thus the projected air is warmed and allows better evaporation of water, especially in cold environments.

The MD1900 + is the essential tool to have in your garage to take care of your vehicle and keep it in perfect condition for years avoiding the appearance of any corrosion. After a heavy rain or after a wash, your vehicle must be stored dry otherwise, the rust does not take long to appear on the screws and metal parts. In addition, air drying prevents the appearance of water residues in the form of small white spots.

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