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Proper Cleaner Products

Efficient cleaning solutions by Guy Martin

How's it going? I like to clean my bikes and vehicles, it's important to look after them, give them a bit of thanks back, and anyway it got me thinking, there has to be a better way of making this cleaner gear. I use loads of it, and apart from anything, it takes up a right load of space in the shed when it's mixed in bottles! Now then, 70% of the planet is covered in water and there's a massive business in delivering it all over the world, that seems crackers! So, I had a yarn with a few folks about doing something soluble, add your own water whenever you need to. We found a man, who knew a girl, who knew a fella, who found some folks up North, who could make what we needed and after months of testing, it's now in your bottle but with your own water! It uses less fuel to get to you, the liquid is bio-degradable, it's not tested on Nigel the dog or his mates and it won't take up half your shed! It's Proper Cleaner and it's the future!
Thanks for giving it a go!
Ta. Guy.  
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Alkaline based, biodegradable 'just add water' cleaning solution by Guy Martin


Motorcycle Cleaner refill pouch making 1.5 litres of cleaning solution


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