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Keis G102 Heated Inner Gloves

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Electrically heated inner gloves from Keis

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Verified Customer Reviews for Keis G102 Heated Inner Gloves

150 reviews
Warm hands
18 April 2023 by Robert J
Bought these ready for a 3½ week trip to Norway, "just in case".

Tried them connected to my Gerbing jacket and all seems good. Not hot but comfortably neutral/warm.

You will need your main glove a size bigger than normal for them to fit under. I normally use a size 11 glove but use a 12 with these.

Even with size 11 hands the medium was the best size for me, they are quite streachy and need to be snug to work.
Another fine product from Keis
23 August 2022 by Ian A
I have not tried these in anger yet but preliminary trying-out indicates that they are not designed to roast your fingers. They prevent them from getting cold, which is really all you can expect from any cold-weather gear (if you're daft enough to ride in low single-digit figures at motorway speeds all day long). You need to be careful about how you integrate putting them on and wiring them up prior to getting on the bike, as getting things out of sequence can be embarassing.

As for the sizing, take heed of what just about every reviewer has said: they are thick and larger than the sizing charts suggest. I have a Keis X10 vest from a few years back which still works fine and by which I swear when it gets really cold. However, although the letter size (M, L, etc.) is weird, the dimensions are accurate: in my case I am a 38 chest, continental 48 and the vest fits perfectly. It's just that it is labelled 2XS rather than M, like most other things. However, my size for these gloves should be 20--23cm or M. No way. I ordered the XS when I read other reviewers' experiences and they fit perfectly even though my hands are not 15 or 16cm round the palm.

However, these inners are thick and I need to use my over-sized Richa gloves because my Dainese touring gloves (which fit me perfectly and allow thin inner gloves) are simply too small when I have these heated inners on. Not a deal breaker but bear this in mind when you consider this otherwise excellent product from Keis.
01 February 2022 by Matt N
Thick, your gloves need to be at least a size too big, probably 2 sizes. Well made, come up huge, I normally wear a Medium and had to buy XS. There is barely any noticeable heat when plugged in.
Not great, but...
25 January 2022 by Dais M
The sizing is massive, but I couldn't find any heated gloves designed specifically for women (so might be alright for men) I ordered a small and they're wayyy to big. I'm going to have to order another pair of winter gloves in a much bigger size just to fit them in. I can't say I notice the heat much, but my fingers don't go numb from the cold anymore so that in itself is a result.... buuuut I do get pain in my fingers from the tightness of fitting mssive gloves into my normal ones. One step forward, two steps back.
Heated ??
22 December 2021 by Lee R
My personal opinion is they're not much more than an extra layer, I couldn't feel any heat from them. Item returned regretfully.
Works well, but sizing is way off usual sizing
16 December 2021 by Alec D
If it wasn't for the weird sizing I'd score it higher. Like other reviewers stated doesn't get really hot but instead keeps hands from getting cold. When really cold these bad boys come out as I suffer with cold hands when riding. Works with the heated vest well.
Toasty warm Hands
13 December 2021 by Simon B
Simply awesome and a excellent alternative to a more expensive heated glove. Excellent quality. Easy to use.
Be aware . Keis come up big
02 December 2021 by Allan B
I bought these as I had ideas of wearing them under my summer gloves. I am normally a medium to large and according to Keis sizing guide I should be a medium I bought these, they were far too big.

Exchanged for a small, still too big. SBS didn't have XS so I got them from another company .and these were then too chunky to fit under my gloves.

As usual no problems returning to SBS

I gave up in the end and got a pair of Keis G701 shorty gloves instead . And again had to get a small whereas I'm normally a large/medium.

Brilliant but gutted as SBS reduced them by £40 a week later in Black Friday.
Warm hands
25 November 2021 by Robert R
These inner gloves keep my hands warm, which is what I needed.
Great item, worth it for winter.
25 April 2021 by Andrew S
Tried them in conjunction with the oxford heated grips and, well, wow! Absolutely brilliant. The heating elements are down the sides of the fingers so it really works well in the colder weather to keep your fingers warm. I wear a 2XL in normal gloves and a L in the heated liners. The connections seem a bit strange as there is no way to secure them within my jacket but once everything is on there are no problems with it whats ever. The connections are rock solid and appear to be watertight, but at present its been dry and cold while I've been out.
Good quality but too big.
18 January 2021 by Matthew N
Obviously quality gloves - well made. But like previous reviews, I bought a pair two sizes smaller than my usual and they are still too big!
Unadvertised advantage...
11 January 2021 by Frederick
I wore these recently without insulated gloves and they kept the cold at bay. The temperature was 3 degrees outside, without factoring wind chill. The sizing is correct according to their size chart. Something that this not advertised, but is a true benefit is the amount of amperage that these gloves draw, which is extremely low being under 1 amp for the pair at full load, by comparison Gerbing gloves draw around 3 amps at full load (heat output is subjective but having owned both Keis is clearly hotter). This may not be important to most however if you are using these liners from a battery this makes a massive difference to the run time of the liners, essentially you could run these liner gloves at max load for an extended period of time, for example a 5AH battery could be run at full load for close to 5 hours, now factor in a well-insulated glove and the run time could easily increase to 8-12 hours, if you factor in decrease the power level/amperage output, as the gloves would retain most of the heat. With this in mind Keis is ideally positioned for bikers with Electric motorbikes and combustion bikes but also for the micro-mobility world, given that a 10AH battery is the size of a 1.5L water bottle, and would fit comfortably in a rider's rucksack. Extremely pleased.
Game changer!
01 December 2020 by Alex B
Does exactly what it says on the tin! You won't feel the heat from these because they're designed to keep your hands from getting cold and they do that brilliantly!
No sweaty hands, no freezing finger tips brilliantly balanced!

Pay attention to the sizing info!!
Too bulky for me
21 November 2020 by Russell M
Was hoping for inner gloves thin enough to fit under outer gloves but found the seams on these too bulky for me ,at least I bought them from Sportsbikeshop so the return process was simple
Look great but far too big
21 October 2020 by Anni
Unfortunately these inner gloves were just far too big for an XS - ! initially I was impressed with lightweight feel and construction as expected - I have the impressive Keis body warmer, but the finger lengths were completely out of kilter for the size of the glove
Rons opinion
25 July 2020 by Ronald E
The gloves are great. Good quality long lasting and reliable.The service and help choosing them from Sportsbikeshop was excellent and the staff went beyond the norm to assist
Sizing makes no sense
27 May 2020 by Michael
Dont order without trying on first, I'm normally a XL but need a M as they are huge.
Great gloves. but watch the sizing
20 January 2020 by Anonymous
These do a great job. They aren't super warm but you dont want them to be. They do come too large, like the vests do. I ordered a size medium even though I take size large gloves all the time. They were plenty large enough. Be mindful they probably won't fit under your normal winter gloves unless there is a bit of excess room already in them. I use an old pair of XL gloves with these under. They are seriously great at stopping your fingers and thumbs from getting cold on long rides. Good quality stretch materials and quality wiring and jacks.

Press Reviews for Keis G102 Heated Inner Gloves


Keis G102 Heated Inner Gloves

  • Micro Alloy Fibre Technology
  • Made from lightweight stretch material
  • Powered by bike or rechargeable power pack
  • Vehicle power supply lead included
  • Option to connect through X6 / X10 Vest (additional leads required)

Constructed from lightweight stretch material, these heated motorcycle under gloves are ideal for keeping your hands warm while wearing your favourite over gloves. The gloves come complete with all you need to power from your bike, 12v vehicle or rechargeable Li-on battery (Li-on battery pack optional extra). Also, the Keis X6 vest incorporates specific integrated power sockets to power Keis heated under gloves. To connect the under gloves to these dedicated sockets you need 2 glove connection leads which are available separately. Be prepared for any weather!

Size Guide - Measure around widest part of hand excluding Thumb
Palm Width CM18-20cm20-23cm23-25.5cm25.5-28cm
Palm Width Inches7-88-99-1010-11

Product Specification Related Items


Forget heated bike clothing as it used to be, the Keis range uses the latest Encapsulated Element Technology to deliver reliable, instantly controllable, even heating - both on and off your motorbike. Light, thin, flexible, breathable and fully washable are just some of the features Keis heated clothing boasts. With the option of rechargeable power packs the wearer can also benefit wherever they are; wonderful, wireless, winter warmth!

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Can the G102 heated inner gloves be connected to the J501 heated jacket? if so are additional leads/and or temperature controller required? please advise.

    December 10, 2019

    The J501 Jacket has built in cables stored in the jacket sleeves; these simply connect directly to the sockets provided on each glove. Unfortunately, you are unable to connect a temperature controller to the heated gloves and the gloves will constantly run at their optimal temperature.

  • Does this come with battery pack?if not, what battery pack can u buy with this?

    May 14, 2019

    A battery back is not supplied with the inner gloves, but they do come with wiring to connect to the motorbike battery. They can also be used with a Keis battery, but this would need to be purchased separately.

  • If you want to connect a battery to these, how do you control the heat setting ?

    January 22, 2019

    You would need to connect the gloves to a Keis Light Weight Controller, although this is not necessary as the gloves are designed to retain your body heat, as opposed to heating your hands.

  • I have the x25 jacket. I know this will power the gloves too but will my wireless controller lower the power in the gloves too?

    October 12, 2018

    The wireless controller is only compatible with Keis Heated Jackets and Vests. If the inner gloves are connected to your X25 jacket, the gloves will emit their own independent heat.

  • Can I use these gloves (connected to a lighter socket) whilst driving a car?

    September 18, 2018

    These inner gloves can be connected to a car's 12V socket using the optional Keis Accessory Plug Lead. As the gloves are designed to be worn under an armoured pair of motorcycle gloves, with wind chill a factor; we would recommend purchasing the optional Keis Light Weight Controller. This will control the heat if you find the gloves too warm.

  • Is there any way to power these gloves from a USB socket? I've got one already installed on my bike (also a cigarette lighter style socket )

    September 17, 2018

    Unfortunately you are not able to power the inner gloves from a USB socket. You can from a cigarette lighter socket, you will require the Keis Accesory Plug lead.

  • How long is the 'Y' shaped lead? Is it long enough to fit the wire down the length of the sleeve and go round your back (so you are able to put your jacket on and off without removing cables)? If not I imagine the insole Y lead would be long enough and compatible

    August 10, 2018

    One side of the supplied lead measures 55 inches, and the other measures 72 inches.

  • Do you need to use a controller with these gloves? Some of the reviews, where a controller is commented, say best use on low setting. Would they be too hot without a controller? Thanks in advance

    February 6, 2018

    You do not need a heat controller for the inner gloves, they do not get as warm as outer gloves, and provide a more gentle back ground heat.

  • How long do the gloves stay heated when running on a battery pack? Thanks.

    January 3, 2018

    his depends entirely on the number of the garments powered, the power setting used and the battery condition. As a general guide take the battery capacity in mAh and divide by 1000. For example a 2200mAh battery is expressed as being 2.2 Ah. Then take the consumption of the garment and divide this into the battery capacity. If the garment draws 1A then the battery should last around 2.2 hours. Remember that generally the controllers cut consumption by 33% on medium and 66% on low so this will extend battery life accordingly.

  • Do these inner gloves come with an integrated heat controller? If not, is the "Keis Heavy Duty Temperature Control Unit" sold here the right one to get? https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/101508

    December 1, 2017

    The inner gloves do not come with a heat controller. Keis state that the heavy duty controller can be used with all of their items apart from those with a built in controller, such as the X800i gloves.

  • Hi, I have an X25 jacket (which is great by the way), do these plug into the sleeves on the jacket or do I need to use a separate connection onto the battery?

    December 1, 2017

    The inner gloves (or outer gloves) will plug into the power output on each sleeve.

  • I'm thinking of buying the liners and a single battery pack for cycling. I understand the liners come with a Y cable to plug both into the single battery pack. But how does the whole thing set up? Where is the battery pack supposed to be attached? Does the cable run all the way along the arms? Thanks.

    October 12, 2017

    The gloves are supplied as standard with a 'Y' shaped lead which plugs directly in to the battery pack itself. Each side of the Y piece runs down a sleeve. The battery would need to be in a pocket.

  • I'm a bit confused as to what is needed to get these working with the battery pack. Presumably one battery is needed per glove, but your faq says just one is required? Can you explain how both gloves are powered from one battery?

    September 5, 2017

    The gloves are supplied as standard with a 'Y' shaped lead which plugs directly in to either the lead from the bike battery (also supplied with the gloves) or the battery pack itself.

  • Hi, Iv'e got an X25 jacket which has the glove lead connections in the sleeve. i'm looking at the heated inner glove and if I use them with the jacket, does the jkt. temp. controller then control the temp. of the gloves? My thinking is that with the jacket set on low, which is usual for me, the gloves may not be warm enough. Thanks J.M.

    February 2, 2017

    You would need to run a separate temperature controller for the gloves.

  • Hello I've just received my Keis heated under gloves from you, i need to buy the Keis battery packs, do you sell them ?

    April 26, 2014

    The battery packs can be found as a related item on the Keis inner gloves page.

  • Do I need to buy the inner gloves and then one or two battery/charger packs (one for each glove?.

    January 25, 2013

    The gloves are supplied with the necessary wiring required to hard wire them to the bike. Should you prefer the optional battery pack, just one battery/ charger pack is required.

  • Are these inner gloves fitting as normal cotton or silk inner gloves or are they taking more space?

    November 27, 2012

    These gloves are thin, being more like a cotton glove taking very little space under the main glove.

  • Does the whole glove heat up or only parts of it? Does it warm the back of the hand to the ends of the fingers or just the palm?

    October 27, 2012

    The elements run down the sides of the palm and individual fingers as opposed to over the back of the hand or across the palm.

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